Each Jessy Bag is a unique work of art. These purses are sculpted entirely by hand, then fired and glazed – no two are the same…

Jessy bags are detailed with gold plated hardware, Italian leather and burned bamboo handles. Each purse takes 100+ hours to create – In stock, as well as made to order. Please contact Jessica Murtha Van Dyck with questions, or for studio appointments! (843) 442-4606 | Email: atelier.thierry.charleston@gmail.com


Spring 2018 Honey Bee Jessy Bag: $1500

Summer fruit embellished Jessy Bag: $1750

1st ed. jessy bag 1:4 1st ed. jessy bag 2:4 1st ed. jessy bag 3:4 1st ed. jessy bag 4:4

Cherry Lemon Jessy Bag with burnt bamboo handle: SOLD

cherry lemon 1:4cherry lemon 2:4cherry lemon 3:4cherry lemon 4:4


Kawaii Sweet Treats Jessy Bag with pale pink leather strap: $2000


Spring 2018 Strawberry Jessy Bag: $1750


Sweet Cherry Jessy Bag with balsa basket weave: $1500


Tart Cherry Basket Jessy Bag: $1500


Fruit Embellished Jessy Bag II: $1750

2nd ed. jessy bag 1:6 2nd ed. jessy bag 2:6 2nd ed. jessy bag 3:6 2nd ed. jessy bag 4:6 2nd ed. jessy bag 5:6 2nd ed. jessy bag 6:6

Burnt Bamboo Lemon Jessy Bag: Sold

lemon jessy bag 2:3 lemon jessy bag 3:3

Strawberry Basket Jessy Bag, with patent leather strap: $950

strawberry jessy bag 1:3 strawberry jessy bag 2:3 strawberry jessy bag 3:3

Flower Box Jessy Bag, with royal blue leather strap: Sold

flower box 1:4 flower box 2:4 flower box 3:4 flower box 4:4

2017 Honey Bee Bag I: Sold

Lemon Jessy Bag II: $550

Lemon II 1:4 Lemon II 2:4 Lemon II 3:4 Lemon II 4:4